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June 27th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

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Blog XV

June 25th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

Final thought on Omaha Bigelow

i gave this book 4 and 1/2 STARS

I really enjoyed this book. I think the humor, the characteristics, and the personalities of the book kept my interest. I loved the story line between Omaha and Marquita. I liked the way the story was written through the POV of the different characters. I liked the comedy presented in the book. I found the love story most interesting. Having magical realism in the book was good. It kept the story going.

I felt that the book was a little too sexual at times. There were too many characters in the book that didnt really play much of a role in the plot. I think the addition of the author made the book even more confusing.

I did like the history added in the book. I also loved the ending. He totally deserved that!

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Blog XIV

June 25th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

I remember the phone call…i remember not wanting to answer her. I remember giving up and picking the phone up. I remember talking to Sara. I remember her voice loud and cheery. I remember hanging up and calling Mike. I remember showering and getting dressed. I remember looking for the pink and black dress and black knee high boots. I remember wearing the last coat of mascara when the white Honda pulled up and honked. I remember rushing to the car and almost slipping in the snow covered ice. I remember reaching Nila’s house and hearing loud house music. I remember walking in the door and right off the bat getting smirks and stares. I remember walking over to Sara and wishing her. I remember she ushering me over to the snacks while Mike jumped towards the drinks. I remember drinking and watching the dance floor. Girls who were either really fat or were dressed inappropriately danced to arabic music. I laughed in my head. I remember being pulled in by Mike. I remember dancing and seeing all the girls slowly disappear from the dance floor. I remember hearing the crowd of boys cheering like crazy. I remember heading back to Mike who didnt look to happy. I remember him telling me to get out. I remember arguing with him for being a party pooper. I remember him telling me that Nila and her friends were talking shit about me. I remember wanting to confront them but Mike telling me not to. I remember drinking to much and saying some crap and then having Nila attack me with her mouth. Saying all kinds of crap. I remember Sara crying and I remember me punching Nila. I rememeber running out of the house and into the car. i remember my hand killing me, I remember going to the hospital and then back into the car. I remember hearing Ne-Yo singing. I remember the clocking hitting 12 and fireworks going off I remember Mike pulling me close and kissing my lips.

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June 25th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

Two terms from Narratolgy……

Focalization: According to Jahn who speaks and when they speaks can depict the mood of the story. They way the story is told plays a role in the readers way of understanding the story. Focalization is broken down in to many forms. One form is through the view of internal focazliation, which is when the story is narrated through the character POV. Another form of focalization is external focalization, which is when the story is narrated through the POV of the narrator himself. We see these two forms of focalization play a huge part in both “She lived in a Story” and “Omaha Bigelow.”  In “She lived in a Story” the POV of the story shifts constantly between the characters and narrator, at times you come to the confusion of who is the narrator and who is the character. In “Omaha Bigelow we see the same change in the POV of character, because we not only get the entire story through the view of all different characters but we also get the author and narrator thing going on her as well.

Round and Flat characters: A flat character is one who is there for just comical reasons. In the story you dont really get much of him or his development. As a character he doesnt really grow. A round character is one who develops in the story develops in the story. While reading “Omaha Bigelow” and “Don Quixote” I noticed the use of the round and flat characters. In “Omaha Bigelow” the character of Omaha is the flat character, who is there for comical purposes. I felt that as a character he didnt really grow in the book. He was there just to experience things, it was the character of Marquita who was the round character and developed as a  character. We saw her grow. She matured as a character. In the similar sense we have Don Quixote who was the flat character, onw who did all these crazy antics to keep the story going while Sancho who was the round character was the one who grew as a character and learned to respect and Don Quixote’s craziness. He was there as a guide for the readers as well as for Don Quixote.

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Blog XII

June 25th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

Why is Narratolgy useful?

When I first entered this class I never really had even heard of narratolgy. But once I was introduced to Jahn it seemed as if stories just seemed to make more sense. By this I mean that when i used to read books it was just to read it and get to the end but when I learned of narratolgy i learned to read with depth. I began to understand stories through a different perspective. In my view narratolgy makes reading a book worth it because you are reading and know that you will be getting something out of the story.

When i used to read before I would just read. One of my favorite books of all time is “A Thousand Splendid Suns” and knowing that book deals with two different characters and two different perspectives I never really read the book in depth to understand why it was written that way. But after Jahn’s work I now understand the importance of the author’s use of two different women of two different age, social class, two different mind set, and how all these differences played such a crucial part of understanding the characters adn the reasoning behind the book.

I have learned that narratolgy is very important in the understanding of the story in general. You get the authors point of view of the world through characters that you can relate to. I feel narratolgy makes reading something knowledgeable because readers are reading to gain something out of the story rather than just pleasure.

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Blog Post XI

June 25th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

New Yeas Eve Enemies

The Time I Got Into a Fight

Three years ago on New Years Eve Sara’s number popped up on Betty’s caller id for the 5th time. She stared at it once again and then gave in and picked up.


“hi!!!” Sara’s voice sounded happier than ever.

“What’s up? How are you?” Sorry I missed your calls having a really crazy long day.”

“oh its totally fine. Listen I am having a birthday party tomorrow night and you need to come! You are the best belly dancer in the world and I want you to preform please pretty please dont say no!”

“uh wow short notice ummm yea I am gonna have to try to get out of my family party.”

“Yayyy thank you! You are awesome! Please come to Nila’ s  house. You remember her right?”

“Oh wow yea. I do. umm ok I will drop by for a while.”

As Betty hung up the phone she  recalled the last time Nila and Betty  had met up and how right off the bat they hated each others guts. Betty knew going over to Sara’s party would be a crazy idea. She called Michael, her  friend ans asked him if he would go with her. He was up for it as long as there was shots of course.

So the next day Betty rushed home from work and showered got dressed and waited for Michael’s honk.

A ten minutes ride and they were at Nila’s front door. The blasting music welcomed them and they walked in towards the crowd of  youngsters drinking and dancing. Betty saw Sara and she gave Betty a hug.  Betty wished Sara and Sara ushered Betty  towards the snacks. Michael was already out by the drinks. They hung around for a few and then Arabic music started playing and some girls at the party (who Betty later learned were Nila’s close friends) started to bellydance. She watched them and sipped her drink. At one point Michael pulled her onto the dance floor and she began dancing. Slowly one by one the girls backed out of the dance floor and all the guys started cheering Betty on. She danced her ass off and then went back to Michael. he seemed really mad and told her to leave. She  asked why but he wouldnt answer her. After much complaining he told her that Nila and her friends were talking shit about Betty and called Betty a whore and slut because of the way she danced and the fact that she came with him to the party,  meant that  she was probably fucking him. That of course made Betty  mad as hell and she  was about to approach them but Michael pulled her hand and said “No that is childish.”

Betty  knew they wanted her to leave the party so just to mess with them she didn’t leave in fact she drank ate and partied. Then betty who had a little too much to drink  said something really stupid. Something about being at a boring stupid party and wasting her New years with strangers. Of course Nila and her sidekicks heard this and made a big scene saying all kinds of profanity and telling Betty to get out. Sara started to cry and Nila got even more mad saying it was all Betty’s fault. She and her friends yelled and cursed at Betty. Saying things like  Betty is bar dancer and all other crap so Betty  threw a punch at Nila and the crowd went ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nila screamed ouch and fell to the floor holding her lip. her friends just looked at Betty in shock. Betty stood there proud as fuck but her hand was killing her!

When no one moved for the next 2 minutes and Betty decided to flea, she  had to pull stupid Michael’s hand because he was frozen with his jaw on the floor. Betty walked out the door proud and smirking once she hit the stairs she  RAN to the car and they  drove off laughing. Betty and Michael  went to the hospital to get her  hand checked out  Betty sat there thinking Nila was made out of plastic for real No wonder everyone called her FAKE.

Back in the car they  blasted the music and drove to Betty’s own new years eve party where we hit the door a minute right before midnight and that was when Michael pulled Betty  close and kissed her .And began their Story.

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Blog X

June 19th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

Final thoughts on DQ

This was a pretty interesting book. I had never read a book where the main character was so wacky. At the beginning of the story I felt that the story was pretty fun. I mean being in an English class and reading a book about someone who is crazy about books adn reading was a very interesting. I loved the concept and once i began reading more and learned about all the crazy adventures he takes on the story became kind of annoying and hard to follow. I didnt like the idea of him fighting the windmills, killing the sheep, or thinking the clouds were armies clashing. I did however enjoy the character of Sancho. I felt that even though he was thrown in the book to the side kick I felt he did a better job in the book than DQ. I felt Sancho’s character was entertaining. What i found most interesting was while reading I had imagined DQ and a fat who was dressed in gladiator attire and Sancho was this skinny little thing that tagged along with him but when we viewed the videos I was surprised to see all the videos has DQ as a really skinny old guy while Sancho was a big guy. It seemed like DQ was this weak guy while Sancho was much more stronger. Overall I am not finsihed with the entire book as of yet but i do have some aspects of the book that i do really like and some that are just plan annoying to read through. Cervantes writing is very interesting.

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Blog IX

June 19th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

In Cervantes story we get a whole lot dialogue and through this reading of conversations between the characters we learn of the  discourse of the story and the time it actually takes for the event to occur. In Manfred Jahn in “Narratology: A Guide to the Theory of Narrative,” he writes “To determine story time, one usually relies on aspects of textual pace, intuition, and text-internal clues” (N5.2.2).  When reading The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, Miguel De Cervantes, has many such episodes in his book where the event we read of might have taken us just seconds but within those seconds of reading years have passed.

“Yet not doing what he had to do wasnt a possibility, either; and so what he did, for the sake of peace and concord, was to draw his right hand away from the back of Don Quixote’s saddle and use it with great stealth to loosen the running knot that was all that held his breeches up, at which they slid down and encircled his ankles like fetters.[…]” (Cervantes 159)

Here in this quote Cervantes is describing Sancho wanting to use the restroom. Well he never gets to a restroom but having to go was no option. So he let it all out in the dark while he and he and DQ were traveling. Of course DQ finds out and is appalled by it all. Sancho goes on to blame DQ for it. This part of the book is about taking so long and being so descriptive when in reality all this can be done in a blink of an eye. Here we get the discourse and story time relationship because something that happens within seconds ends up be written out in more than a page of a book.

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June 19th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

In “Narratology: A Guide to the Theory of Narrative,” Manfred Jahn describes a flat character as being a one-dimensional figure who has a limited area of “speech and action patterns” (N7.7). On the other hand he states that, a round character is a three-dimensional figure that is “characterized by many, often conflicting, properties.” (N7.7) When comparing the roles of Sancho and DQ as to the descriptions of Jahn of a round and flat character we can assume that DQ is a flat character while Sancho is a round. In the quote below when Sancho critiques DQ’s actions on the windmills we learn that he indeed is a round character for his way of standing up against DQ:

For God’s sake […] didn’t I tell you to be careful what you were doing,didn’t I tell you they were only windmills? And only someone withwindmills on the brain could have failed to see that? (Cervantes 64)

Sancho’s character is known to us as being this sidekick of DQ. One who doesnt know anything but is a follower of DQ’s crazy adventures. While DQ has the qualiites of a round character where he is because throughout the entire book you dont see him undergo a change or learn something from his actions and adventures. Even though DQ plays the main lead in the book it is the character of Sancho that can be considered the round character because of his growth throughout the novel. I feel it is Sancho that ends up learning more than DQ in the entire story. I feel it is the role of DQ that is given less of an importance than that of Sancho’s. In the end Sancho stands out as the stronger one.

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Blog VII

June 19th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

In the book “The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, by Miguel De Cervantes, the author writes “The idea that this whole fabric of famous fabrications was real so established itself in his mind that no history in the world was truer for him” (Cervantes 27).

Here the author plays with his words. When he is describing the world of Don Quixote and his love for reading, Cervantes says that because he was so into his readings and absorption of the texts he wasnt able to tell fiction apart from non fiction. he was reading these works that could have been fake yet he was believing them all.

Cervantes says that Don Quixote doesnt know of the famous fabrications of the stories that he reads. The books he reads are not all true. They have all these events that the characters face are made up for the most part but because Don Q spent his whole time reading and revolving his entire life around the books he started to believe that these are true events.

When Cervantes writes the fabric of famous fabrications in one sense he could be referring to a fabric that is used to make a quilt. Taking all your favorite pieces of cloth to create your favorite quilt can be compared to all the stories he has read and how he takes a little out of every story and creates a crazy adventure for himself and Sancho.

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