June 19th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

In “Narratology: A Guide to the Theory of Narrative,” Manfred Jahn describes a flat character as being a one-dimensional figure who has a limited area of “speech and action patterns” (N7.7). On the other hand he states that, a round character is a three-dimensional figure that is “characterized by many, often conflicting, properties.” (N7.7) When comparing the roles of Sancho and DQ as to the descriptions of Jahn of a round and flat character we can assume that DQ is a flat character while Sancho is a round. In the quote below when Sancho critiques DQ’s actions on the windmills we learn that he indeed is a round character for his way of standing up against DQ:

For God’s sake […] didn’t I tell you to be careful what you were doing,didn’t I tell you they were only windmills? And only someone withwindmills on the brain could have failed to see that? (Cervantes 64)

Sancho’s character is known to us as being this sidekick of DQ. One who doesnt know anything but is a follower of DQ’s crazy adventures. While DQ has the qualiites of a round character where he is because throughout the entire book you dont see him undergo a change or learn something from his actions and adventures. Even though DQ plays the main lead in the book it is the character of Sancho that can be considered the round character because of his growth throughout the novel. I feel it is Sancho that ends up learning more than DQ in the entire story. I feel it is the role of DQ that is given less of an importance than that of Sancho’s. In the end Sancho stands out as the stronger one.

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