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June 19th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

Final thoughts on DQ

This was a pretty interesting book. I had never read a book where the main character was so wacky. At the beginning of the story I felt that the story was pretty fun. I mean being in an English class and reading a book about someone who is crazy about books adn reading was a very interesting. I loved the concept and once i began reading more and learned about all the crazy adventures he takes on the story became kind of annoying and hard to follow. I didnt like the idea of him fighting the windmills, killing the sheep, or thinking the clouds were armies clashing. I did however enjoy the character of Sancho. I felt that even though he was thrown in the book to the side kick I felt he did a better job in the book than DQ. I felt Sancho’s character was entertaining. What i found most interesting was while reading I had imagined DQ and a fat who was dressed in gladiator attire and Sancho was this skinny little thing that tagged along with him but when we viewed the videos I was surprised to see all the videos has DQ as a really skinny old guy while Sancho was a big guy. It seemed like DQ was this weak guy while Sancho was much more stronger. Overall I am not finsihed with the entire book as of yet but i do have some aspects of the book that i do really like and some that are just plan annoying to read through. Cervantes writing is very interesting.

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