June 25th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

Two terms from Narratolgy……

Focalization: According to Jahn who speaks and when they speaks can depict the mood of the story. They way the story is told plays a role in the readers way of understanding the story. Focalization is broken down in to many forms. One form is through the view of internal focazliation, which is when the story is narrated through the character POV. Another form of focalization is external focalization, which is when the story is narrated through the POV of the narrator himself. We see these two forms of focalization play a huge part in both “She lived in a Story” and “Omaha Bigelow.” ¬†In “She lived in a Story” the POV of the story shifts constantly between the characters and narrator, at times you come to the confusion of who is the narrator and who is the character. In “Omaha Bigelow we see the same change in the POV of character, because we not only get the entire story through the view of all different characters but we also get the author and narrator thing going on her as well.

Round and Flat characters: A flat character is one who is there for just comical reasons. In the story you dont really get much of him or his development. As a character he doesnt really grow. A round character is one who develops in the story develops in the story. While reading “Omaha Bigelow” and “Don Quixote” I noticed the use of the round and flat characters. In “Omaha Bigelow” the character of Omaha is the flat character, who is there for comical purposes. I felt that as a character he didnt really grow in the book. He was there just to experience things, it was the character of Marquita who was the round character and developed as a ¬†character. We saw her grow. She matured as a character. In the similar sense we have Don Quixote who was the flat character, onw who did all these crazy antics to keep the story going while Sancho who was the round character was the one who grew as a character and learned to respect and Don Quixote’s craziness. He was there as a guide for the readers as well as for Don Quixote.

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