Blog XIV

June 25th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

I remember the phone call…i remember not wanting to answer her. I remember giving up and picking the phone up. I remember talking to Sara. I remember her voice loud and cheery. I remember hanging up and calling Mike. I remember showering and getting dressed. I remember looking for the pink and black dress and black knee high boots. I remember wearing the last coat of mascara when the white Honda pulled up and honked. I remember rushing to the car and almost slipping in the snow covered ice. I remember reaching Nila’s house and hearing loud house music. I remember walking in the door and right off the bat getting smirks and stares. I remember walking over to Sara and wishing her. I remember she ushering me over to the snacks while Mike jumped towards the drinks. I remember drinking and watching the dance floor. Girls who were either really fat or were dressed inappropriately danced to arabic music. I laughed in my head. I remember being pulled in by Mike. I remember dancing and seeing all the girls slowly disappear from the dance floor. I remember hearing the crowd of boys cheering like crazy. I remember heading back to Mike who didnt look to happy. I remember him telling me to get out. I remember arguing with him for being a party pooper. I remember him telling me that Nila and her friends were talking shit about me. I remember wanting to confront them but Mike telling me not to. I remember drinking to much and saying some crap and then having Nila attack me with her mouth. Saying all kinds of crap. I remember Sara crying and I remember me punching Nila. I rememeber running out of the house and into the car. i remember my hand killing me, I remember going to the hospital and then back into the car. I remember hearing Ne-Yo singing. I remember the clocking hitting 12 and fireworks going off I remember Mike pulling me close and kissing my lips.

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