Cover Letter

I am not sure if we were supposed to have a cover letter but I did one just in case.

When I first signed up for summer classes I thought this was going to be the worst idea ever but when I saw Professor Alvarez’s name for the course I immediately added the class to my shopping cart.

When I took professor Alvarez for English 255 i loved him. I think he is one of the very few professors that  teaches you  how to better your writing rather than just reading your work and giving your grade.

This was a very short and quick session but I learned so much in the little amount of time. I loved the works because they were so different than what I am normally used to reading. Though it was a challenge to read some of them I think the concepts were amazing. It opened my mind to different styles of books that I can try to read. I really likes the short story of Samperio and Omaha Bigelow. What i enjoined most was the writing workshops. I could feel my writing improving day by day.  And I felt very proud reading Professor Alvarez’s comments about my writing improving and I am glad to say it was due to his 255 class. After taking that class I paid a lot more attention to my writing. I became aware of what I was lacking and worked on improving my writing using the techniques I learned in English 255.

Thank You Professor Alvarez for all your help! Have a Great Summer 🙂

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