Fiction Project

Bella sat down and opened “It was Just Meant to Be.” Fillping through the pages she found where she last stopped and read on.

I turned off the car and sat there for a minute. Tears were about to stroll down my face but before they started to I ran out of the car, slammed the door and fumbled with the key at the front door of my one story house. Upset that I couldn’t get the door to open I kicked it and threw my keys on the floor.

“Betty. Wake up hun,” a voice said as the person hovered over my body. I was crawled up on the front of my stairs.

Slowly opening my eyes I see my roommate Nessa with a worried look.

“What happened are you ok? Why the hell are you sleeping outside?”

“I don’t know. Can I go inside and sleep.”

“Of course come on get up.”

Nessa and I walked in the house where their other roommates were all on vacation, leaving the house empty and neat. I walked over to my room and shut the door. I couldn’t get myself to sleep again so I just sat there staring at my quiet and messy room.

I got up and walked over to my computer desk and logged in. Opening my folder of my diary entires.  I read over the entry from two weeks ago.

Dec 31 J

Dear Diary,

It’s New Years Eve and Sara’s number popped up on caller my id for the 5th time. I stared at the phone once again. And then I finally gave in and picked up.


“hi!!!” Sara’s voice sounded happier than ever.

“What’s up? How are you?” Sorry I missed your calls having a really crazy long day.”

“oh its totally fine. Listen I am having a birthday party tomorrow night and you need to come! You are the best belly dancer in the world and I want you to preform please pretty please dont say no!”

“uh wow short notice ummm yea I am gonna have to try to get out of my family party.”

“Yayyy thank you! You are awesome! Please come to Nila’ s  house. You remember her right?”

“Oh wow yea. I do. umm ok I will drop by for a while.”

When hung up the phone I remembered the last time we had  had met up and how right off the bat we hated each other’s guts. I knew going over to Sara’s party would be a crazy idea. So I  called Michael, and asked him if he would go with me. He was up for it as long as there was shots of course.

A ten minutes ride and we were at Nila’s front door. The blasting music welcomed us and we walked in towards the crowd of  youngsters drinking and dancing. I saw Sara and gave her a hug.  I wished Sara and went towards the snacks. Michael was already out by the drinks. We hung around for a few and then Arabic music started playing and some girls at the party (who I later learned were Nila’s close friends) started to bellydance. I watched them and sipped my drink. Michael pulled me onto the dance floor and we began dancing.

Slowly one by one the girls backed out of the dance floor and Michael too. Now all the guys started cheering me on. I danced like I awlays do. Not to brag but I am the best belly dancer without a doubt. After dancing to three songs I went back to Michael. He seemed really mad and kept saying we have to leave.

I asked why but he wouldnt answer me. After much complaining he told me that Nila and her friends were talking shit about me and called me a whore and slut because of the way I danced and the fact that I came with him to the party,  meant that  I  was probably fucking him. I was pissed as hell. I mean really how can some people be so stupid and close minded. I walked towards Nila but Michael pulled me back. He told me to ignore them they are just highschoolers looking for trouble.

I  knew they wanted me to leave the party so just to mess with them I didn’t leave in fact I stayed and drank ate and partied. Then I guess I had too much to drink because I accidently blurted out  something really stupid. Something about being at a boring stupid party and wasting my New years with strangers.

Of course Nila and her sidekicks heard this and made a big scene saying all kinds of profanity and telling me to get out. Sara started to cry and Nila got even more mad saying it was all MY fault. She and her friends yelled and cursed at me.  Saying things like I am bar dancer and all other crap so I threw a punch at Nila and the crowd went ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nila screamed ouch and fell to the floor holding her lip. Her friends just looked at me in shock. I stood there proud as fuck but my hand was killing me!

When no one moved for the next 2 minutes and I decided to flee, I had to pull stupid Michael’s hand because he was frozen with his jaw on the floor. I walked out the door proud and smirking once I hit the stairs I RAN to the car and we  drove off laughing. We went to the hospital to get my  hand checked.

Back in the car we blasted the music and drove to my parents own new years eve party where we hit the door a minute right before midnight and that was when Michael pulled me  close and kissed my lips….that was all I remembered that night.

I flipped the page to the next day and read the entry. Even though I was tearing I couldn’t stop myself from reading,

Jan 1 J

Dear Diary,

Fire works went off, I stood there  my lips locked into Michael’s. Why in the hell did we wait this long for this to happen?

An unknown tune went off in my ear. First very low and then it got louder. I opened my eyes slowly, the sound stopped then back on again and this time i sat up suddenly. I turned in confusion towards the sound. It was coming from a pair of levi jeans on the floor next to the bed. I pulled the covers off and walked over to the jeans.

“where the fuck you at?” a familiar voice said

“ummm hello” I said

“who is this?” she asked

“Betty” I replied

“where is mike?”

“umm i am not sure….”

“well you are answering his phone so I am guessing you know where he is. And why do you sound so dead? Did Mike do something stupid again and now he is hiding?”

Confused as to who i was talking to and what the hell was going on I put the phone over my chest and stopped to clear my mind and try to remember what happened.

And slowly things seemed to make sense…I was at Nila’s house..the fight..the drive…the drinking…and the bedroom…someone on top of me….mike’s jeans…his phone…his GIRLFRIEND and my best friend on the PHONE!

i started to panic. Oh my god how did all this happen??

“HELLO BETTY!!!!” the familiar voice that was Kristina’s yelled.

“hey soory i just woke up give me a few I iwll call you back.”

“but what happened to Mi….”

I hung up before she can say anything else.

I found a tshirt and pulled it on. I walked out of the room and down the hall i heard the shower.

“Someone  had a really good night.”

I turned to see my roommate Nessa sitting on her bed with a big smile on. When I didnt say anyting she continued.

“you woke me up with all the sounds”

Turning red I said sorry and waited for Mike to get out. I leaned against the bathroom door and at that moment the door pulled open and i fell into Mike’s arms. We looked at each other and didnt say a word. Nessa got up to close her door and yelled “be good”

I stood straight and moved aside. He walked by me and into the bedroom. I went in to the bathroom and showered. When I went back to my room Mike had the bed done. He made breakfast and waited for me. We sat in silence and ate. He looked through his phone and asked if I picked up Kristina’s call. I said yea. I told him that I didnt know who it was so i picked up and she was asking for him. He got up and called her back . He walked back and forth while trying to convince her that he needed a place to crash so he came over to my place and he will tell her more later.

When he hung up he back to me and again we sat in silence.

“What happened last night” I finally asked

“I dont know”

“what you mean you dont know”

“I dont know. I know we were both drunk and i guess one thing led to another and we did something that we shouldnt have”

Even though i had a feeling that he was going to say that for some reason it hurt me like hell.

“So now what”

“I dont know”

“Do we just leave it in the past?”

“We will have to. It will break Kris if she finds out.”

A sudden pang of jealousy came over me. “yea you are right.”

I didn’t want to read anymore. Why am, I doing this to myself I thought. I turned off the computer and went back to bed.

Ten minutes later just when I was about to close my eyes the door opened and Nessa walked in. She asked me what happened. I said nothing. Nessa gave me a hug and said she knew this was going to happen and its ok.

How could it be ok I wondered? I mean yes I feel horrible that Mike and Kris ended and I may have been the cause of it but does that mean that I cant date Mike ever? Is it my fault? Why cant Kris just understand that I asked Nessa. She looked at me and asked if I would be ok if I was in Kris’ shoes.

I didn’t see Kris or Mike for a couple of weeks. Maybe some time to myself is best. I need to clear my head and think of why Mike yelled at me that day. I mean I was wrong and out of line. How could I have just said that to him. Calling him a fucken cheater and a player and that he just used me. Him telling me to get the hell out and that he never wants to see my face again hurt me but it was out of anger and now I know that. I know that he liked me and wanted to be with me but I also knew that he was with kris and couldn’t break her heart. I cant be that selfish. I need to respect his feelings, and stop thinking of him as a bad person, what happened that night between us two was what we both wanted.

At a friends birthday party about a week and half later I saw Mike again.  We just looked at each other and then ignored each other the rest of the night. I felt a little ashamed. That same night Mike and Kristina got into a huge fight. While Mike left the party Kristina stayed back. She complained about Mike having changed and acting very different towards her. She was sick of his nonsense and his attitude. I felt guilty sitting here and trying to assure her it was just a phase when in reality i was the cause of all her problems.

The next day I went the usual spot Mike and I used to hang out.I sat on the bench at the park when I felt a body sitting next to me. When i looked up it was Mike.


“hi” he replied

“how are you”


I looked at the little puppies and waited for Mike to say something else.

“i broke up with Kristina”

“You did?”

“It was just getting too complicated. I dont know but i just dont feel how i used to for her.”

“How did she take it?”

“i dont know. I left.”


“Are you ever going to tell her what happened between us?”

“No. I mean how can i? She is my bestfriend. i cant hurt her like that.”

“So what about us”

“i dont know”

“Betty you know how i feel about you. You always knew that.”

“Yea but I also know Kristina loves you”

“what about you?”

I didnt say anything for a long while. Mike sat there looking at the ground. I knew what my heart felt for Mike.

I had always liked him and after hanging out with him for so long we just assumed we were friends and never tried dating. But when Kristina came into the picture I realized that i really liked Mike. But seeing them so happy I couldnt ever break them apart. But now I had done just that and I hated myself for it.

“Mike you knw I am sorry about that day. I guess I just felt stupid for thinking it would be all fine telling Kris that you and I want to date. I didn’t mean to call you all those names. I just felt horrible that you didn’t want to be with me. I felt like you just wanted one thing and that was it. When I went home that day I was broken. You had never yelled at me before and when you told me you never wanted to see me again it shattered my heart. I went home and cried for hours. I even read back to the day we first kissed in my diary and thought to myself well atleast I have memories of you that I can always look back on.”

“You have a diary!? And I am in it!?” Mike said surprised.

“Yea. I do. Why?”

“I don’t know. It is just sweet.”

“Anyways as I was say…..

But before I could say anything else Mike grabbed my face and kissed me. Everything felt so right. I didnt care about anything at that moment. Being friends for almost 4 years i didnt know when had i grown so much feelings for Mike. And so we started to date of course without Kristina knowing. But that wasn’t going to last too long and when she found out she was broken and i felt guilty as hell but over time she realized that Mike and I were just meant to be.

Bella closed the book and thought to herself if only real life was as simple as that. If only threr was true love like Mike and Betty’s.

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