Blog VI

June 19th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

Beginning with An Ending…………

Fire works went off, I stood there  my lips locked into Michael’s. Why in the hell did we wait this long for this to happen?

An unknown tune went off in my ear. First very low and then it got louder. I opened my eyes slowly, the sound stopped then back on again and this time i sat up suddenly. I turned in confusion towards the sound. It was coming from a pair of levi jeans on the floor next to the bed. I pulled the covers off and walked over to the jeans.

“where the fuck you at?” a familiar voice said

“ummm hello” I said

“who is this?” she asked

“Betty” I replied

“where is mike?”

“umm i am not sure….”

“well you are answering his phone so I am guessing you know where he is. And why do you sound so dead? Did Mike do something stupid again and now he is hiding?”

Confused as to who i was talking to and what the hell was going on I put the phone over my chest and stopped to clear my mind and try to remember what happened.

And slowly things seemed to make sense…I was at Nila’s house..the fight..the drive…the drinking…and the bedroom…someone on top of me….mike’s jeans…his phone…his GIRLFRIEND and my best friend on the PHONE!

i started to panic. Oh my god how did all this happen??

“HELLO BETTY!!!!” the familiar voice that was Kristina’s yelled.

“hey soory i just woke up give me a few I iwll call you back.”

“but what happened to Mi….”

I hung up before she can say anything else.

I found a tshirt and pulled it on. I walked out of the room and down the hall i heard the shower.

“Someone  had a really good night.”

I turned to see my roommate Nessa sitting on her bed with a big smile on. When I didnt say anyting she continued.

“you woke me up with all the sounds”

Turning red I said sorry and waited for Mike to get out. I leaned against the bathroom door and at that moment the door pulled open and i fell into Mike’s arms. We looked at each other and didnt say a word. Nessa got up to close her door and yelled “be good”

I stood straight and moved aside. He walked by me and into the bedroom. I went in to the bathroom and showered. When I went back to my room Mike had the bed done. He made breakfast and waited for me. We sat in silence and ate. He looked through his phone and asked if I picked up Kristina’s call. I said yea. I told him that I didnt know who it was so i picked up and she was asking for him. He got up and called her back . He walked back and forth while trying to convince her that he needed a place to crash so he came over to my place and he will tell her more later.

When he hung up he back to me and again we sat in silence.

“What happened last night” I finally asked

“I dont know”

“what you mean you dont know”

“I dont know. I know we were both drunk and i guess one thing led to another and we did something that we shouldnt have”

Even though i had a feeling that he was going to say that for some reason it hurt me like hell.

“So now what”

“I dont know”

“Do we just leave it in the past?”

“We will have to. It will break Kris if she finds out.”

A sudden pang of jealousy came over me. “yea you are right.”

After that Mike left and we didnt see eachother for a week. Neither one of us bothered to call or text either. We try to avoid each other as much as possible. At a  friends birthday party about a week and half later I saw Mike again.  We just looked at each other and then ignored each other the rest of the night. That same night Mike and Kristina got into a huge fight. While Mike left the party Kristina stayed back. She complained about Mike having changed and acting very different towards her. She was sick of his nonsense and his attitude. I felt guilty sitting here and trying to assure her it was just a phase when in reality i was the cause of all her problems.

I sat on the bench at the park when I felt a body sitting next to me. When i looked up it was Mike.


“hi” he replied

“how are you”


I looked at the little puppies and waited for Mike to say something else.

“i broke up with Kristina”

“You did?”

“It was just getting too complicated. I dont know but i just dont feel how i used to for her.”

“How did she take it?”

“i dont know. I left.”


“Are you ever going to tell her what happened between us?”

“No. I mean how can i? She is my bestfriend. i cant hurt her like that.”

“So what about us”

“i dont know”

“Betty you know how i feel about you. You always knew that.”

“Yea but I also know Kristina loves you”

“what about you?”

I didnt say anything for a long while. Mike sat there looking at the ground. I knew what my heart felt for Mike.

I had always liked him and after hanging out with him for so long we just assumed we were friends and never tried dating. But when Kristina came into the picture I realized that i really liked Mike. But seeing them so happy I couldnt ever break them apart. But now I had done just that and I hated myself for it.

“Mike you know…..”

before I could say anything else Mike grabbed my face and kissed me. Everything felt so right. I didnt care about anything at that moment. Being friends for almost 4 years i didnt know when had i grown so much feelings for Mike. And so we started to date of course without Kristina knowing. But that wasn’t going to last too long and when she found out she was broken and i felt guilty as hell but over time she realized that Mike and I were just meant to be.

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Blog V

June 13th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

Today in class we discussed the book Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. We looked at the quote “The idea that this whole fabric of famous fabrications was so real established itself in his mind that no history in the world was truer to him” (27). When taking a close look at this quote we can see that DQ was so moved by the books that he had read growing up that he started living in the ideas of the books. Reading story after story and not knowing what is fiction and what isnt DQ had gathered all works as reality. In just this quote we can get the sense that DQ is so lost in the imagined world of his books that he doesnt care for the real world. He has no sense of control on what to believe to be true. To him what he has read is true and that is why he is out doing all these crazy things on his adventures. He is almost trying to depict the lives of the character in the stories he has read. He is out to encounter the same events he has read about in books. What he fails to understand is that not all the events in the book he has read are true. And here we get to the point where Cervantes writes “fabric or famous fabrications” here we can accept that each book he has read is like a piece of fabric that he puts together to create into one big thing. He gets something from each book and adds it to his life. DQ lives in a world of dreams where things are all imagined and fake.

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Blog IV

June 11th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

New Yeas Eve Enemies

The Time I Got Into a Fight

Three years ago on New Years Eve Sara’s number popped up on my caller id for the 5th time. I stared at it once again and then gave in and picked up.


“hi!!!” Sara’s voice sounded happier than ever.

“What’s up? How are you?” Sorry I missed your calls having a really crazy long day.”

“oh its totally fine. Listen I am having a birthday party tomorrow night and you need to come! You are the best belly dancer in the world and I want you to preform please pretty please dont say no!”

“uh wow short notice ummm yea I am gonna have to try to get out of my family party.”

“Yayyy thank you! You are awesome! Please come to Nila’ s  house. You remember her right?”

“Oh wow yea. I do. umm ok I will drop by for a while.”

As I hung up the phone I recalled the last time Nila and I had met up and how right off the bat we hated each others guts. I knew going over to Sara’s party will be a crazy idea. I called Michael my friend ans asked him if he would go with me. He was up for it as long as there was shots of course.

So the next day I rushed home from work and showered got dressed and waited for Michael’s honk.

A ten minute ride and we were at Nila’s front door. The blasting music welcomed us and we walked in towards the crowds of  youngsters drinking and dancing. I saw Sara and she gave me a hug. i wished her and she ushered me towards the snacks. Michael was already out by the drinks. We hung around for a few and then Arabic music started playing and some girls at the party (who i later learned were Nila’s close friends) started to bellydance. I watched them and sipped my drink. At one point Michael pulled me onto the dance floor and i began dancing. Slowly one by one the girls backed out of the dance floor and all the guys started cheering me on. I danced my ass off and then went back to Michael. he seemed really mad and told me to leave. I asked why but he wouldnt answer me. After much complaining he told me that Nila and her friends were talking shit about me and called me a whore and slut because of the way i danced and the fact that I came with him to the party, that I am probably fucking him. That of course made me mad as hell and I was about to approach them but Michael pulled my hand and said “No that is childish.”

I knew they wanted me to leave the party so just to mess with them i didn’t leave in fact I drank ate and partied. Then i guess when i had a little too much to drink i said something really stupid. Something about being at a boring stupid party and wasting my New years with strangers. of course Nila and her sidekicks heard this and made a big scene saying all kinds of profanity and telling me to get out. Sara started to cry and Nila’s got even more mad saying it was all my fault. She and her friends yelled and cursed me. Saying things like I am bar dancer and all other crap so I threw a punch at Nila and the crowd went ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nila screamed ouch and fell to the floor holding her lip. her friends just looked at me in shock. I stood there proud as fuck but my hand was killing me!

When no one moved for the next 2 minutes and I decided to flea i had to pull stupid Michael’s hand because he was frozen with his jaw on the floor. I walked out the door proud and smirking once i hit the stairs I RAN to the car and we drove off laughing. We went to the hospital to get my hand checked out I think Nila was made out of plastic for real No wonder everyone called her FAKE.

We blasted the music in the car and drove to my own new years eve party where we hit the door a minute right before midnight and when Michael pulled me close and kissed me.And began our Story.

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Blog III

June 11th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

The one book that I would read over and over again is “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini.
The book is about two narrators. Each one tells her own story and at the end both narrators come together and the story is told through one perspective.

Classmates input
–sounds interesting
–its interesting when there is a clash of perspectives or people , or events, like this novel and seeing the reaction of the characters, author/ narrator even your own reaction when the clash actually happens.

–This sounds like a book I read called “Oscar and Lueinda” Where the point of view changes between the two as their lives intersect. It’s fun to start with a narrators thoughts and then of all of a sudden get introduced to a whole new and different narrator. it makes the book interesting and kind of keeps you on your toes.
–Have you read “The Kite Runner”?, same author- only its about the life of men–i read that before this one. I really enjoyed it.

Today in class we grouped up and defined Focalization and the use of it in Samperio’s “She Lived in a Story”

Focalization- means of selecting and restricting narrative info, POV
external focalization- presented by narrator
internal focalization-narrative events presented from a characters POV
focalizer- the agent whose POV narrates the text
fixed focalization- the text is represented from a constant focalizer
variable focalization-presentation of different episodes through several focalizers
multiple focalization- same episode through different focalizers
collective focalization-plural narrators
hypothetical focalization- a representation of narrative events as they may have been precieved by a hypothetical observer or virtual spectator
empty-center focalization- representation of narrative events in the absence any internal focalizer

In “She Lived in a Story” we have variable, multiple, external and internal focalization.

Variable and multiple  in pg 59

External and internal in pg 54

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Blog II

June 8th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

“Ontologically distant means he belongs to a different world, a fictional world” (N1.6). This quote from Narratology: A Guide to the Theory of Narrative,” by  Manfred Jahn fits perfectly with Guillermo’s “She lived in a Story.” Here in this explanation of the quote we learn that a character that is fictional belongs to that of a different world this meaning reminded me of Ofelia’s character. She is living in a story in a imaginary world created by Guillermo. Guillermo quotes Ofeila saying “I write that he writes a story that I live in” (60). She says that she is living in a story written by Guillermo.

Guillermo wrote this story of himself as a character who is out to create a character within. He creates Guillermo Sergovia who then wants to write a story of Ofelia and then Ofeila writes of Guillermo Segovia writing about her. It is obvious that she is this fictional character that is from a different world that has been created by Guillermo. The fact that Ofeila reverses the tables on Guillermo and writes about him proves that she is this fake character because only a fictional character has no control over her character. She does what the script or text demands of her. She has this imagination that can only be imagined by a character. If she was a real person who was saying these sort of things she would have been considered crazy.

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Blog 1

June 8th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

For todays blog I will continue discussing the quotes from Guillermo Samperio/Segovia’s “She lived in a Story.” In class we had started looking at the very interesting quote “A house and story should be solid, functional, necessary, lasting” (55).  Here we have the narrator comparing a story to that of an architecture. When an architect wants to build something he has to make sure he it has a solid foundation, it functions and it lasts. When he begins to build he makes sure the building can stand and different forms things can function out of it.  In the similar sense we learn that a story has to have a strong  point that holds it together and has to make sense. It needs allow its readers to learn something out of it.

The second quote we looked at was “In one way or another actors live the text; they do not embody anyone at all. In the theater they live in literature for a brief moment. In motion pictures, some of their moments endure with a tendency toward the infinite. Dramatists have written plays in an attempt to approach the ancient dream of the fiction writer: that human beings live in their texts. Thus, artistic creation transcends the imaginary level in order to achieve reality. In regard to my own concept, the movement is reversed; that is, reality moves toward the imaginary” (56). I found this quote to be quiet interesting because its hard to pick up what is the difference between a character and an actor. When i first read this quote i felt that the character is someone real but once they are a part of a scrip they become a nobody and instead they take upon the roles of characters that are build from the texts. Guillermo says that in plays and movies it is the actor that brings a character to life. For a moment these character are “real” but then they vanish once the movie is over.

I think at the end with this book he is trying to write a story of a man who is writing a story of a girl who is writing the story of the men. So Guillermo Samperio is the original writer who creates the character of Guillermo Segovia  who in turn tries to create Ofeila who creates Guillermo Segovia. So Samperio is real while the other two are characters he brings to life through text.

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Hello world!

June 6th, 2011 by Beheshta Mohammad

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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